Tesla Homes, LLC is a premier Smart|Green|Healthy investment and development firm, with a focus on sustainable and disruptive technology investments, as well as development, renovation and construction of residential single and multifamily homes and apartment complexes. Beauty and technology abound…in the greenest, healthiest homes on the market. Expect excellence in every detail.

Tesla Homes invests in emerging markets and value-add opportunities across the US, Central America and Europe with the very best and most reputable private equity partners.


Christian Cascone

Christian Michael Cascone

HGTV Featured Personality
National Real Estate Development Director
Residential Property Investor
Smart|Green|Healthy Developer
Flip, Rent, BRRRR, Buy & Hold

Principal and Founding Partner Christian Cascone worked for almost 7 years as an EMMY Award winning Television Producer with CNN. Then served as the Director of Communications for Give Kids The World. He is also a licensed Real Estate Agent.  He was chosen to be featured on an episode of Vacation House For Free on HGTV. Casting began in July 2014 and production/construction started in September 2014. The one-hour episode featured a total renovation of a Tesla Homes property in Marathon, Florida and aired on HGTV in late 2015.

Cascone has extensive residential long and short term flip, cash-flow rental and appreciative buy/hold investment experience and an diverse background developing and managing commercial/institutional projects ranging from $2 million to $15 million…having developed over $100 million of commercial and residential property. He also serves as the national Director of Development for one of the largest owner/operators of Charter Schools in the nation. Responsibilities include LEED-inspired development and facility management for ~60 school complexes across 12 states, and the ongoing construction of several new projects.


Dana Myers

Charismatic and talented Tesla Homes Managing Partner Dana Myers has built an impressive career in global sales over the past 16 years and has received national recognition, being named Salesperson of the Year for 2015 while closing over $10 million in business.  No stranger to celebrity, Myers stole the HGTV spotlight during filming of Tesla Homes featured island property.  Myers is currently managing the acquisition, design and renovation of several single and multifamily Tesla Homes repositionings.


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